Olga and Anton met each other two years ago in the Internet. Anton invited Olga to a date, they had supper and went for a walk in London’s night. They had many common topics for conversation, and it was surprisingly easy to communicate with each other for the first time! A week later, Anton invited Olga to a concert and introduced his friends. Since that evening they have not parted! Anton made Olga a Proposal for his birthday on August 30, 2016. Their official wedding took place on a beautiful private beach in Dominican Republic one year later! Dreams come true with Caribbean Wedding agency!

The photographer is amazing Anastasia Knyazeva.

Write us and book your dream wedding! info@weddingdominican.com

From Olga: The idea of official wedding in the Dominican Republic came spontaneously and as it turned out great! We are very pleased that we made such a decision, because we can’t even imagine our wedding better than Caribbean Wedding team organized for us!

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